California-born Paul J. Pulati is a singer/songwriter and music teacher, plays guitar, bass, keyboards, harmonica, and mandolin.  He has performed solo and in a variety of bands, both as lead singer and as rhythm guitarist and second vocalist, in concerts, pubs and clubs, television, and live on radio.

Paul’s musical career spans several continents as he has played in the United States, Fiji, Tonga, where he worked as a U.S. Peace Corps Volunteer, New Zealand and Australia, where he lived and taught for over thirty years before migrating to the U.K.  His singular achievements Down Under were his RCA Victor recordings of ‘Darcy Dugan,’ a tale about a notorious Australian criminal famous for daring escapes, and ‘Sweet Virginia Lane,’ a light-hearted look at the “world’s oldest profession”  and a song which charted on Sydney’s 2KY radio station.  Paul enjoys an eclectic range of musical styles, though his own creative output is more in the direction of folk and country rock.

Though foremost a singer/songwriter, Paul also performs other people’s songs, giving them his own interpretive style, and played with Crossroads in the U.K., a classic rock and roll covers band.  Paul has performed with London jazz guitarist, Altazar ‘Doc’ Rossiter, as a duo, which creatively amalgamated various popular music strands from their respective cultural backgrounds, as well as Paul’s own songs.  Recently, Paul has performed with James Litherland, ex-Colliseum guitarist and singer/songwriter in his own right, in concerts around north London.

Paul is currently teaching guitar, piano, electric bass and harmonica to beginners and intermediate level students in the Enfield, north London area.


Sweet Virginia Lane – Paul Pulati

Darcy Dugan – Paul Pulati