Children’s Learning Book

Learning and thinking about Attitudes and Behaviours. An easy read with a message.

A Book about P.E.T.S Cover

Who is it for

…5 -12 year olds of all denominations and ethnicities.

The story

…Marley the dog and Jonty the cat come from very different backgrounds. They think their behaviour is best.

Aim of the book

…to open a discussion and thinking about social behaviour and how each of us has a different family background. Marley and Jonty learn how to compromise, negotiate, to be tolerant and patient.

It has 4 sections each with 5 pages  – Peace, Equality, Truth and Simplicity  ( P.E.T.S.) from the Quaker testimonies. The last 3 pages add some thoughtful extras.

How to use the book

  • The drawings are in black and white offering the pictures to be discussed as a ‘mood’ colour picture or colouring exercise.
  • The list inside the back cover offers teaching possibilities. This includes imaginative ideas such as to ‘what might happen next’ or role playing for the children.
  • The first page has a list of captions. These provide the text for each ‘testamony’ to be addressed more fully and individually.
  • The text is one line per page spread over 25 pages.

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